Studio Benefits

Matsana saves time and money

Conventional yoga mat cleaning takes 3-5 minutes to wipe down a mat, hang it to dry, and roll/retrieve it. The quality of the process is dependent on available employee time and attitude. Including mat loading and card swipe, Matsana takes about 30 seconds (8x faster) for both sides, achieving 99.9% bacterial kill in lab tested results. Staff time can be deployed on other tasks, or staff can be reduced. Expensive cleaning products can be eliminated.

Matsana promotes Your Business

The machine’s presence is powerful advertising that your business takes studio cleanliness seriously, that it cares about its customer base and is aware and proactive about their health concerns.

Matsana produces revenue

Matsana attracts people to your business. For membership studios, it is a benefit that sets you apart from your competition. For conventional studios, revenue from a credit card equipped machine provides a pleasant monthly surprise to your bottom line.

Matsana is easy and good for business

Staff will perceive yoga mat cleaning as a welcome task, instead of drudgery. This makes for cheerful employees, proud of where they work and who engender good customer relations.

Matsana is Green

There are no chemical residues on mats sanitized by Matsana and it uses no water. Your business’ use of Matsana decreases your carbon footprint by breaking the oil consumption chain of disposable plastic containers for liquid cleaners and the petroleum powered shipping of this heavy freight.