Informed, respectful and nothing to fear.

I don’t respond well to people who try to scare me into doing something. The usual hot buttons are scarcity, poverty, health, or loss of something.

The dilemma for Matsana is informing you yogis about very real health issues regarding mats, without scaring you. Matsana’s purpose is to give you a convenient, inexpensive means of maintaining your mat in healthful condition with the knowledge and comfort that you have done your bit.

Here is an excellent blog about a dermatologist focusing on yoga mat issues . I encourage you to read it.

And I hope that you come away with an understanding that yoga mat hygiene is not unlike other personal hygiene issues. Do you fear what’s going on with the bacteria counts in your mouth? On your hands? Your body? Probably not, because you have incorporated daily oral, hand-washing, and bathing hygiene practices that keep bacterial growth in check. We floss, we brush and, in a pinch, use our fingernail to get that chunk of spinach out of our smile. And once or twice a year, we go to the dentist and get professionally jack-hammered, sand-blasted and fire-hosed. We wash our hands before preparing food, or eating. Surgeons do this AND wear gloves. We shower and wash our clothes to keep bacteria in check so that we can share an elevator with somebody without making them gag.

Our personal mats, coming in direct contact with public floors and our bodies should receive the same kind of routine hygienic practises that we afford our mouths, hands, bodies and clothing. It’s not being germophobic, it’s being respectful of others and ourselves in a shared exercise environment. Read the link, be informed, respect your classmates and discard the fear.


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