Yoga, The Contact Sport

Webster's defines "sport" as "any activity or experience that gives enjoyment or recreation; an activity requiring more or less vigorous bodily exertion..." so yoga definitely qualifies for the "sport" moniker. But what about the "contact" part? Contact sports are the ones where participants are generally expected to slam into one another. While yoga, hopefully, doesn't result in that kind of contact, there is definitely a more subtle contact that occurs with your fellow participants. And it's ... Read More

Darth Virus

When we started out looking into the panoply of inhabitants on yoga mats and studio floors, one oddball player in this arena was the virus. They are neither fish nor fowl; requiring neither oxygen nor moisture to retain viability. If a virus particle, or virion, were the size of a volleyball, a single bacteria cell would be about 700 feet high! In other words, viruses are miniscule and are only viewable through an electron microscope. You might be asking, "How does something so small and ... Read More

Informed, respectful and nothing to fear.

I don't respond well to people who try to scare me into doing something. The usual hot buttons are scarcity, poverty, health, or loss of something. The dilemma for Matsana is informing you yogis about very real health issues regarding mats, without scaring you. Matsana's purpose is to give you a convenient, inexpensive means of maintaining your mat in healthful condition with the knowledge and comfort that you have done your bit. Here is an excellent blog about a dermatologist focusing on ... Read More

Matsana Blog Launches!

Wow! After surviving getting our Word Press blog up and running, inventing yoga mat cleaning machines seems easy! HELLO! We are Matsana, aka John and Laurie, and we want you to know that Matsana is the first ever machine to use UV-C light to sanitize yoga mats. We also want you to know that anything that appears on this website will be well documented,  truthful, and the straight dope on UV-C technology, bacteria and viruses. We like direct, accurate, and transparent information on things ... Read More

Matsana – Simple Directions Right on the machine

... Read More